I’m a Graphic Designer, specialized into Typography, Logo Design & Brand Identity Design – but I’ve been working on UI, UX and on Web Design as well, as I produce handmade HTML5, CSS3 & Responsive code.

I work with people and companies to define & develop their Brands, to make sure that they’ll perform and succeed.
To do so I dedicate myself to each and every client, designing visual interfaces and experiences trough an extensive knowledge of typography and the crafts.

I always put quality at the very first place.

Working inside Design Agencies and as a freelancer for the past 8 years, I have engaged with clients located in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, South Africa, UK, United Arab Emirates and USA, from individual startups to Fortune 500 sized ones.

I have been invited to talk, to host events and workshops; I’ve been also seen teaching Typography and Web Design. My works have been published on various books and magazines plus featured on all the major websites; I have been invited to review student’s portfolios and technically review type & web books before their publication.

I also wrote a book about typography and the web.


  • Worked for United Nations Conference RIO+20
  • Selected for Obama for America
  • First worldwide Italian in FacultyRow
  • Work exposed in Times Square, NewYork
  • Name & Work in the Senate Library, Rome
  • Published Author



  • Corporate Identity, Zeixs
  • Logo3+4, Zeixs
  • Stationery, Index Book
  • Type, Index Book
  • BranD, TheIllustrati magazine and more…
  • Responsive Web TypographyAuthor


Your suit to enter the world. I can design & code


Because something beautiful is worth meeting in the real world


I can guide you trough who you are – and help you express it!


Because I don’t think outside the box: I am outside the box


show that every dollar spent with me and my consultation will bring 4 dollars in your pocket.

Think about it: what do you love more? One cake or four cakes? Easy peasy. If you answered one, please leave the other three to me – I love cakes.

My work is not a price, it’s an investment.

Money Spent

Money returned